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       I am a Senior Lecturer in Spanish at The Pennsylvania State University, originally from Madrid, Spain. I teach and have taught a variety of language courses in the Department of Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese. My principle passion is teaching, and I am committed in an uncompromising manner to teaching excellence and to bringing context and understanding to the Spanish language, literature, history, and culture. All my studies and research have been and are directed to these two ends. I consider my role as educator consisting primarily in engaging in dialogue with my students with tradition and contemporary society through the fomentation of questions and the communal pursuit of answers. More importantly, I believe that as a teacher I am responsible in assisting students in the process of taking ownership of their education, that is, in helping them become aware that they are the driving force of their own education--one that goes beyond the collegiate years and the walls of the university, and that must be shared with and be at the service of their families, communities, and nations.

       My main areas of study and research are Golden Age Spanish and Colonial Hispanic Literature, History, and Art History; Global Southern Plantation Literature; Human Rights and Civil Rights Issues (minority advocacy and policy: focus on issues around equitable health care access, systemic impediments to immigration, and factors in the perpetuation of economic and legal disenfranchisement); and LGBT/Queer Studies.  I am also interested in Literature of the American South; Social Justice in Hispanic Literature; Cuban and African American Literature (specifically, Carnivalesque Texts, Slave Narratives and Autobiographies); Spanish and Latin American Political Thought and its comparison and dialogue with that of the United States; Philosophy of Literature and Literary Theory; and the application of innovative technology and pedagogies in the  Spanish classroom. My approach to literary and cultural studies aims to be fundamentally interdisciplinary, comparative, philosophical, and transatlantic in nature. In this personal website and e-portfolio you will find information about myself (my curriculum vitae); courses that I have taught (with course policies and syllabi used) and specific research (past, present, and future); my teaching philosophy for Spanish language and culture courses; and the use of technology in my classes (including sample materials and useful websites for students).  

Borja Gutiérrez
Senior Lecturer in Spanish
Administrative Supervisor of Spanish 2 and 3
The Department of Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese
Global School of Languages, Literatures, and Cultures
College of The Liberal Arts
The Pennsylvania State University
Office: 134 Burrowes Building
Mailing Address: 442 Burrowes Building, University Park, PA 16802   
  University E-mail:

Last Update: 5/26/2017


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