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Technology and the Classroom

                                                                                  Teaching With Technology:

In this page you will find links to online Spanish resources and teaching with technology websites; samples of electronic class presentations, electronic communication with students, and of pedagogical innovation with technology; as well as a sample of some non-technological activities used in class. In the future, as my own knowledge of beneficial applications of technology in the classroom increases, I intend to add more examples and additional resources to this page.     _________________________________________________________________________________________

Spanish Resource Links: Websites useful for the learning of the Spanish Language and Culture.

Click Here: Microsoft Word Version.

Click Here: PDF Version.


Penn State Teaching with Technology Websites and other IT related links:

Penn State Teaching and Learning with Technology Website.

Penn State ITS Training Services Website.

Penn State Information Technology Services Website.


Sample Electronic-Technology Class Presentation: Micro-teaching Elementary Spanish Lesson:

Click Here: Direct Object Pronouns PowerPoint Presentation (PPT).


Samples of Pedagogical Innovation with Technology and Samples of Electronic Communication with Students:

Click Here: PDF Version.


Sample of Some Non-Technological  Activities Used in Class:

Click Here: Reading Comprehension Activity on Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer´s Rima XI. 
(For Introductory Culture and Literature Courses). 

Last Update: 11/21/2018

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